„What about love? How do you explain love?“

A question that you’re asked from time to time when you disclose that you’re an atheist.

What about love?

That it couldn’t be explained is just a basically untrue. All feelings are created by pretty specific patterns of brain-activity. And why our brains produce them in certain situations, to make us act in a certain way, can be explained pretty good from an evolutionary-psychological point of view.

Why should love be different? Since evolution is pretty much about genes getting passed down from one generation to the next and to the one after that, and since love so obviousely helps to produce, protect and nurture offspring, it seems to me that explaining love even is one of the easier tasks.

Regarding love-songs, I prefer realistic text. It’s just so much more romantic if you cut away the soppy lies. My favorite one for that matter is by Tim Minchin who concludes truthfully: „If I didn’t have you, I’d have sombody else.

„What about love? How do you explain love?“